KENNY PLATE - a hot dog and cheese burrito with fries

PAMELA PLATE - your basic hamburger with or without cheese, fries and a pickle

PAUL PLATE - an enchilada with beef, chicken, beans, plain cheese or cheese and onions

LENNY PLATE - a beef, chicken or bean taco with lettuce, tomatoes and choose

JOEY PLATE - a peanut butter, jelly and banana burrito with fries

BEN PLATE - a burrito with beef, chicken or beans with lettuce, tomatoes and cheese on the side

ROBBIE PLATE - a barbeque chicken and cheese sandwich on a bun with fries

CHELSIE PLATE - a cheese quesadilla with a few black olives

JESSICA PLATE - a kid-sized tostada (fiat taco) choice of beef, chicken or bean

CHRISTOPHER PLATE - a Mexican pizza with enchilada sauce, cheese and olives or beans

All kid meals come with choice of Soda, or Kiddie Cocktail.

* DESSERT: Kids Ice Cream or Bread Pudding an additional $1.50