Combination Plato
Choose any two entress: enchilada, taco, tamale or chile relleno, served with your choice of two side dishes: rice, beans, Southwestern pasta salad, small tossed salad or small Caesar salad.

Pepito Plato
A delicious duo - one enchilada and one taco with choice of fillings.

Flauta Plato
Two flautas, filled and fried - your choice of bean and cheese or chicken and cheese, served with rice or beans, sour cream and guacamole.

Chile Rellenos
A large poblano pepper stuffed with cheese, dipped in a light egg batter, deep fired and topped with a light tomato salsa, served with rice and beans.

Chicken Mole
1/2 chicken seasoned, and simmered in our truly unique mole gravy - a bare hinto of chocolate is in this spicy mix, served with rice, beans and two hot tortillas.

Tamale Plato
A meal steamed in a corn husk - golden corn masa holds delicious pork, baked with tamale gravy and cheese, served with rice and beans.